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Samding Monastery with the "demoness lake" samding monastery
ironchain bridge The Phuntshogling bridge, one of the iron-chain bridges attributed to Thangtong Gyalpo, still in use in 1993. The bridge was recently destroyed by a flood.
Chung Riboche Stupa on the bank of the Tsangpo river. Chokyi Dronma helped Thangton Gyalpo in its construction.  
  Trakar Taso monastery with the hill of Shag to the right, middle distance, where Chokyi Dronma spent much of her childhood. trakartaso
Kyirong, Phagpa Wati Temple  
Images and text created in the framework of the AHRC funded project a Tibetan Woman-Lama and her Reincarnations with the support of the The Austrian Science Fund and the Italian EvK2 CNR Project

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