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The AHRC has funded a team of specialist researchers from the Mongolia & Inner Asia Studies Unit at the University of Cambridge to study the life of an extraordinary Tibetan woman and the tradition she established.

In 15th-century Tibet, the princess Chokyi Dronma was recognised as the reincarnation of the tantric goddess Dorje Phagmo (Skt Vajravarahi); she was the first of a famous line of female reincarnations that has continued up to the present day at the Samding monastery. These women have embodied a tradition of female leadership (religious, and sometimes political) both in ancient and modern Tibet. This project has involved translating and studying the relevant Tibetan sources that are available in Tibet and the UK. The most significant source is Chokyi Dronma's biography that has recently become available.

The project has been at the centre of an international network of scholars, initially in sharing the biography and subsequently locating it in its Tibetan context.

On this website Tibetan terms are rendered approximately as they are pronounced in English with their Tibetan transliteration given in the glossary. The title banner however gives the Tibetan terms in transliteration for the sake of consistency with the original application and AHRC project name.






The research was also supported by The Austrian Science Fund and the Italian EvK2 CNR Project



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