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Bodong Chogle Namgyal (Bo dong Phyogs las rnam rgyal), spiritual master (1375-1451)

Chokyi Dronma (Chos kyi sgron ma), princess of Gungthang and founder of the Samding Dorje Phagmo tradition  (1422-1451)

Deleg Chodren (bDe legs chos ‘dren), disciple and companion of Chokyi Dronma

Dorje Phagmo (rDo rje phag mo), tantric deity

Lhatsun Rinchen Namgyal (lHa btsun Rin chen rnam rgyal), spiritual master (1473-1557)

Thangtong Gyalpo (Thang stong rgyal po), spiritual master (1361?-1485)







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